Driving a Pair of Donkeys

Long reining your donkeys as a pair before putting them together in a carriage is a useful step which teaches your donkeys to work together.

The photograph on the left shows the donkeys wearing pairs harness breast collars attached together using a coupling strap to the dee rings on the collars.

A view of the rein arrangement used to drive a pair of donkeys.

The long continuous rein goes to the outside of each donkey and the coupling rein which is buckled onto the main rein crosses over to the other donkey

Two well matched donkeys driven as a pair will work together in step with each other.

The photo on the left illustrates a pair of donkeys working well together.

Pairs Carriages

Two types of 4 wheeled carriage suitable for a pair of donkeys; on the left a Hartland Shetland Sport  and below a Bellcrown.

The donkeys on the left are being driven in open bridles, the ones below being driven with blinkers.