Want to drive your donkey?

Many owners have dreams of driving their donkeys but fail to appreciate just what is involved in training their donkey to drive or the steps that need to be followed.

Trudy Affleck can help you understand the steps that need to be taken and the reasons for those steps. Her training programme follows a structured approach which is tailored to the needs of your donkey.

It is recommended that anyone thinking of driving a donkey has instruction themselves on rein handling and driving from a qualified horse driving instructor.

Have fun with your donkey:

There's no end to the fun that you can have with a confident, responsive driving donkey. 

Sledging is a great way of enjoying your driving donkey when other forms of driving are just not possible!

Training your donkey to drive:

Driving your donkey single or as a pair, the training that Trudy Affleck follows works with your donkey to increase self confidence and focus so that your donkey is able to adapt to what ever situation it is presented with in a calm manner.

Training also follows steps that teach your donkey to 'whoa' in a balanced way so that when 'put to' with a carriage attached your donkey is able to stop itself and the carriage without resistance through the head and neck.

What's new:

Sometimes there's something new in the driving world that just has to be tried! 

Trudy Affleck first read about the dorsal hitch sulky being used in Australia and has now imported one for use with her donkeys giving them another experience and means of keeping active.

Training tips for driving donkeys:

  • Only ask your donkey to do things that it is mentally, physically and emotionally ready to do.
  • Training a donkey to become a confident, safe and responsive driving animal should not be rushed and will take as long as it takes for any individual donkey to reach that level of competency.
  • Time spent long reining out and about will provide a good basis for your donkey in their future role as a driving donkey.
  • If things are not going to plan, go back a step to something that your donkey is familiar with and can succeed at.
  • Training your donkey to stop in a balanced way is as important as training it to walk or trot on.