Padlock Tracking

Donkey grazing:

Donkeys are very efficient at extracting nutrition from their diet and are better suited to the dry grazing found in hot climates than the lush grass of the paddocks that are usually found at their homes in the UK.  As a consequence, overweight donkeys are a common sight, and laminitis of ongoing concern to owners. 

How does the paddock track system work?

By creating a series of tracks within a paddock, donkeys are encouraged to move as they graze, and by placing water or logs for chewing at different places around the track the distance walked in a day is increased.

Does paddock tracking work?

Definitely yes!

Trudy Affleck first introduced her donkeys to the track system of grazing 4 years ago.  Since then she has helped many other owners to discover the benefits of using a track to restrict grazing whilst encouraging movement throughout the day, something that traditional methods of reduced grazing fail to do.

Want some help to design your track?

  • Trudy Affleck can provide advice and detailed plans tailored to your needs for paddock tracking within your field.


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